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Greetings from the tip-top of 2015! 2.5 days into it, and I'm feeling pretty alright about this year.  Here's hoping you and yours had a fantastic new year and wonderful holiday season all around. 

But hey, what's a music site without a best of list these days? Pretty worthless, right? Like, why even make a site if you aren't going to make a list! Thankfully for you, I compiled some of the best songs to hit my ears and live shows to hit me in all three dimensions in 2014 for you behind this little clickaroo. Just be a lamb and go ahead and click the link below and let's talk about the BEST THINGS OF 2014. 

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The Royal Pick for October 16, 2014: CONSTANT LOVERS

For a while there, Seattle, it looked like the folk rock movement was going to win. Much like the cranes that dot our city skyline, building up yet another squared-off concrete and glass mixed-use monstrosity, the sincere "beardo with acoustic guitar" thing threatened to flatten out and homogenize Seattle's music scene for a while there. Sure, that sort of thing is fine when it's well done (and in small doses), but there's so much more to this place than coffee shop rock. 

Thankfully, there are bands like Constant Lovers who gnash and claw through the beige clutter. Sure, there's a definite tip of the cap to the sound of early 90's Seattle in there (along with a nice melding of some of the finer bits of the Amphetamine/Reptile catalog), but Constant Lovers manage to retain their urgency and freshness, all while writing frantic anthems for the restless and frustrated parts in all of us. This is the soundtrack to our condo apocalypse, Seattle. 

Constant Lovers play with Unnatural Helpers, SSDD and Corey Brewer at The Sunset Tavern tonight. Tickets are $8.

Welcome! Vilkommen! Bienvenu

Greetings from The Royal Basement! Take your damn shoes off.

If you're wondering "what the heck is this", The Royal Basement is an audio zine/blog/podcast located in a basement in the Seattle, Washington area. It is the love child of one Greg Franklin (that's me), who has written for Seattle Weekly/Village Voice/The Pitch/a bunch of zines you've never heard of since the mid-90's. 

Things are a little dusty around these parts as we get up and running. We're currently archiving oodles of old content, working on new reviews and features, and trying to pay a healthy amount of attention to our beloved Kansas City Royals

We've got brand new podcasts up with Robb MacLean (Limbeck/The Young Dudes) and John Cobb. Go listen to them over here at the podcast page. Both Robb and John did some acoustic sessions for the podcast and played some of their favorite songs, as well as talking about their musical origins. They're a real hoot, and I'm thrilled that they could both be on. 

We've got more podcasts coming up really soon, as well as more concert reviews and record reviews and other good-feelings a-plenty. Keep in touch with us. 

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