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Greetings from the tip-top of 2015! 2.5 days into it, and I'm feeling pretty alright about this year.  Here's hoping you and yours had a fantastic new year and wonderful holiday season all around. 

But hey, what's a music site without a best of list these days? Pretty worthless, right? Like, why even make a site if you aren't going to make a list! Thankfully for you, I compiled some of the best songs to hit my ears and live shows to hit me in all three dimensions in 2014 for you behind this little clickaroo. Just be a lamb and go ahead and click the link below and let's talk about the BEST THINGS OF 2014. 

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New Releases: MONARCHS "Citizens" EP

Mike Gallacher is a man from Tacoma, Washington who currently resides in Detroit, Michigan. We've been friends for a good long time due to circumstance (weddings, road trips, happenstance and location have all factored in). Sometimes, friendship explodes out of nothing, and next thing you know, you've hit the ground running full speed with a new buddy who suddenly feels like family. Mike has been that sort of friend for me. (It also doesn't hurt that he's a wizard with all things guitar-related and my go-to guy for any sort of gear-related questions.)

So, Mike has been working in secret on a new EP for a good while, and finally has it released to the public. The band is called Monarchs, and the EP is called Citizens. I've asked to hear this stuff for months, and none of my requests have gone answered, so I'm thrilled to finally hear this monster he's been working on behind closed doors for so long. The songs are bombastic and leap out of the speakers with life, hovering wonderfully in that same hooky anthemic-but-angular territory that J. Robbins was mining with Burning Airlines, while vocally taking after a more maladjusted Bob Mould. 

Put your ears on the new Monarchs EP here. 

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