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The Royal Basement is a blog/podcast focusing on music, art, baseball, cats, and other wonders of life, based in Seattle, Washington, USA.

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John Cobb, playing the drums in my old house in Kansas City. Photo by Morgan Miller. 

John Cobb, playing the drums in my old house in Kansas City. Photo by Morgan Miller. 

Royal Podcast #2: John Cobb

I've called John Cobb a buddy since the ripe ol' age of 3, and 35 years later, he's still my best friend. There are a few folks in your life that you can genuinely look at and say "My life wouldn't ever have been the same without knowing you", and John is at the top of that list for me. I may be an only child, but I'll always claim John Cobb as my brother. 

Having gone through some of our best and worst years together, John has always been one of my closest confidantes for musical inspiration and influence. Visiting from Kansas City, John got down in the basement and played a few songs, shared some stories of our upbringing with me and picked out a few jams of significance, as well. 

Podcast is below, broken into two parts, as well as one of John's original tunes. Enjoy. 


Royal Podcast #1:
Robb MacLean (Limbeck/The Young Dudes)

I've been fortunate enough to call Robb MacLean a friend for a good 14 or so years now, and in those 14 years, we've had a lot of really strange, really hilarious things happen. We're connected in weird ways that I'm not sure I explained properly enough over the podcast, but the Limbeck band played on my birthday in Kansas City for about 6 years straight, completely unplanned. Tour routing magic, or bigger forces at play? Hard to say.

When he happened to be in Seattle for work as I was talking about getting this site off the ground, it made complete sense to have Robb as my first guest in the basement. Robb talks impending fatherhood, creative process, sings a few songs and picks out a few more.

I expect him to play my birthday next year, though. Seriously.

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